Tofanari Bronze Baboon


An Art Deco patinated bronze sculpture of a baboon by acclaimed Italian early 20thC Florentine sculptor Sirio Tofanari, (1886-1969).  The bronze is raised on a black marble base and is signed S. Tofanari.

Sirio Tofanari studied sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arte in Florence but being intolerant of discipline and methodical work required by the official sculpture course, he quit after a year of study.  In 1906 he went to Paris and soon after to London where his love affair with animal sculpture began, spending time observing animals in the London Zoo and exotic exhibits in the Natural History Museum.  This almost obsessive fascination with the study of animals to create sculpture was what made him famous with sculptures of primates such as this example.

Tofanari exhibited at the prestigious Venice Biennale for twenty three consecutive years from 1909 to 1934. At the Rome Quadriennale an entire pavilion was dedicated to his work.  At the height of his career, galleries in Rome, Florence, Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca, Santa Fe, Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo all carried Tofanari pieces.  As a result of his remarkable artistic achievements beyond the borders of Italy, King Vittorio Emanuele III honored him the title of Knight.

Today Tofanari sculptures can be found in permanent collections in the Quirinale in Rome, The Gallery of Modern Art in Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the Italian Art Museum in Lima Peru, the Capitoline Museum in Rome, National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome and in many private collections.

Dimensions: 15″H (38cm) x 15″W (38cm) x 9″D (23cm)

Ref. RD GH5042