For 35 years, the Three Centuries Shop has been providing fine antique furniture and decorative arts. It caters to a variety of discerning clients, collectors, dealers and decorators. This antique store first opened in 1981 in Davenport Road, Toronto, Ontario. In 2003, it relocated to its current home in 1662 West, 2nd Ave., near Granville Island.

The Three Centuries Shop is an antique store that specializes specifically in the collection of French antique furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries. It also carries some Chinese antique items such as clocks and lamps. With its growing and diverse inventory, it can be considered one of the best sources of quality antiques anywhere.

Mr. William MacKinnon has always had the passion for collecting antiques. He made his first antique purchases while at university where he studied music. Even with two degrees in music as well as successful careers in accounting and the hospitality industry, he still decided to focus on his passion. Thus, the Three Centuries Shop was born. Ever since, he has always been a serious collector of French 18th and early 19th century furniture and decorative arts. His antique store continues to feature top quality antique clocks, chandeliers, bronzes, furniture and complementary decorative arts from this period. Every piece in stock is always a wonderful example of its particular period all with an expansive story behind it.