Sevres La Larcin De la Rose Clock


Sevres ‘La Larcin De la Rose’ clock. A fine example of Sevres biscuit porcelain showing an allegorical group of three classically draped young figures, two embracing; all standing beside the clock case which is surmounted by a winged cupid with his quiver and a basket of roses.

There are a number of interpretations of what the figures signify, likely they are after the 18th century Sevres original referred to as “La Larcin de la Rose” by Louis Simon Boizot, (1743 – 1809); who created the grouping specifically for Sevres in 1788. Larceny signifies the act of taking something unlawful, the rose in this case from its rightful owner. Another interpretation is that the  grouping is an allegory to “L’Autel de L”amour” loosely translated as the Altar of Love.

The stepped clock case is decorated with gilded bronze beading, and mounts to the four corners. The white porcelain dial with roman numerals and gilded hands; the twin barrel movement has a steel string suspension system and rings the hours and halves on a bell. The base features a gilded frieze around the front and sides; the whole on six toupie feet. The case incised with the Sevres mark; circa 1860.

Dimensions: 17″H (43cm) x 14″W  (36cm) x 6.5″D (17cm)

Ref: DT GH5533

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