A French Empire Siena Marble Gilt and Patinated Bronze Clock Depicting Psyche Crowning Amor


A Peeid French Empire Clock of “Psyche Crowning Amor” clock Psyche stands to the right of the domed clock plinth, holding her hands aloft with a gilded wreath, (not shown), Amor stands to the left. The stepped yellow Sienna marble case is richly decorated with gilded bronze, including an Apollo mask. The whole sits on four lions paw feet. This clock has it’s original silk string suspension movement, ringing the hours and halves on a bell.

This was a very popular model clock produced throughout the early French Empire period through the mid 19th century. It was made in various sizes and specifications, ie. with patinated or gilded bronze figures, red, white, sienna, red griotte marble bases, etc. At the time one could virtually have the clock made to order. France circa 1830.

Dimensions: 31″H x 20″W x 9″D

Ref. PA SM12575

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