Psyche and the Butterfly Clock


A French Empire Psyche and the butterfly clock after Canova. This clock features a patinated bronze figure of Psyche after a marble statue by Canova now residing in the Louvre. Psyche is standing to the left of the clock plinth holding a butterfly in her left hand and the butterfly’s wings in her right hand; the red griotte marble plinth is decorated with a gilded perfume burner and the griotte marble base is decorated with a large swag held aloft by cupids; the case resting on four lion’s paw feet.  A similar model in gilded bronze was in the Elysee Palais and now in the Garde Meuble.  (Reference Bronzes in the National Collection, figure 133, page 246). There is also a similar model in the Spanish Royal Clock Collection.

Dimensions: 13.5″W (34cm) x 22″H (56cm) x 5.5″W (14cm)

Ref: DR AY4678

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