Large Paris Porcelain Urn made by either the Dagoty or Nast firms


A large twin handled Paris porcelain urn featuring two cameos of classical Greek ladies on a dark red background painted on each side of the urn. Some of the gilded borders around the paint work show signs of rubbing but the name of one Greek/Roman woman profiles appears to be Therme?, and on the other side,’Nihen…? The cameos are painted on a deep red border flanked by colourful winged genii. On top of and below the cameos are large dark green borders decorated with a gilded Greek key motive. The waisted socle sits on a rectangular porcelain base with each of the sides entirely painted with Greek/Roman paintings titled: Genie de Chio; Genie de Sparte, Genie de Mythlene, and Genie de Cirhinte. It is believed that the urn was made in either the Dogoty factory, (most likely), or the Nast factory given the choice of the contrasting dark red and dark green colouring which was typical of that factory. The urn would date from the 1820’s.

Dimensions: 23″H x 6.5″rectangular base x 10.5 Width of arms