Pair of French Empire Newly Upholstered Mahogany Armchairs one Stamped J. Louis


A classic pair of French Empire period open armchairs in well figured and carved mahogany; each with a square back topped by a bow shaped carved frieze featuring folliate rosettes and downscrolled arms. Where the arms join the chair rail there are carved anthemians and palmettes. These two chairs are presented in the green Empire fabric applied over original now faded and worn gros point upholstery and have their original casters.

These two armchairs are actually part of a set of six. The set was split up in three sets of two’s to make them more saleable. For the purists however who would prefer to acquire either four or the entire set of six chairs in their original gros point upholstery, the new fabric is removable.

Two of the six chairs are stamped J. Louis and they were reportedly made for the Palais de Saint Cloud circa 1828. The other four are not stamped but there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they came from the same workshop and were made at the same time as the two that are stamped. One of the chairs in this set is stamped.

Jean-Pierre Louis was appointed a “Recu Maitre” in 1787. During the 1820’s he appears to have produced a great number of chairs for many royal residences including Compiegne, and Saint-Cloud (where these chairs are thouight to be from). He also worked with George Jacob on commissions for Malmaison. Reference: “Les Ebenistes Du XIX Siecle By Denise Ledoux-Lebard, their works and their marks; Page 446.

Dimensions: 24″W X 18″D x 38″H: Seat height 17”

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