18 Century English Portrait of Two Renaissance Gentlemen


An unsigned canvas depicting two ‘Renaissance’ gentlemen obviously of different physical stature painted from the waist up in what looks like a family, or brotherly posterior embrace. The painting is very likely English late 17th or 18th century.  Relined and presently in a contemporary, compatible frame. The canvas relining was done by John Peel who was active in London in the early 19thC.

John Peel worked from Golden Square, London 1819, 7 Naylors Yard 1820-1834, 17 Golden Square 1832-1843, 17-18 Golden Square 1844-1858, 12 Marlborough Row as carver and gilder 1849-1851. Artist, picture liner and restorer, picture frame maker and picture dealer, from 1849 also carver and gilder.  In a discussion of picture lining in 1841 it was stated that ‘Peel of Golden-square has obtained quite a European reputation for the extraordinary skill with which this necessary and often very difficult process is effected.

Dimensions (with Frame) : 27″W (69cm) x 33″H (84cm)

Ref: RG MB2894