19thC Sterling ‘Necessaire De Voyage’ made for a Count


Possibly an article of historic importance.  An exceptional and rare leather covered wooden case the top with the embossed silver family initials BAB in monogram under a nine pointed crown cartouche; the case is lined with crimson silk velvet and leather; the extraordinary large number of grooming objects inside the necessaire arranged in several layers are made of sterling silver, ivory, crystal, iron and mother of pearl.  Amoungst the myriad items in the case there are 18 silver lidded crystal bottles, boxes of varying dimensions and diameters, more than  25 grooming implements including five scissors, tweezers, a shoe horn, double ended spoon, six ivory handled brushes two ivory framed and backed hand mirrors, two ivory thongs and more. The lid of the case has an integral pull out silver framed dressing mirror concealed by a tufted silk velvet cover.  All the crystal and silver lidded bottles and boxes plus a silver bell are topped by the same silver embossed initials as are on the outside of the case.   The case was made by Leuchars and Son who operated from 38 and 39 Piccadilly in London and on the Rue De la Paix in Paris.  Leuchars was acquired by Charles and Charles Edward Asprey in 1888 suggesting that the case is probably of mid 19th century origin.  The seven pointed crown represents the status of ‘Count’

Dimensions of case closed: 21″ W (53cm) x 10″H (25cm) x 13″D (33cm)

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