Modern Still Life with Flowers in a Canada Dry Can by George Elbakidze


An exceptional still life in the Renaissance style of a silky bouquet of flowers displayed in a Canada Dry can. It is painted on a gold leaf background and is by the Georgian-Canadian artist George Elbakidze. The canvas is titled Canada Dry 1. The artist signed his initials G E on the two bottom corners of the canvas. He also signed the initials I T on the corresponding top two corners of the canvas. The meaning of these initials the artist wishes to keep private but will be disclosed to the purchaser of this work.

The painting is presented in a sympathetic bespoke black lacquer and faux tortoiseshell wooden frame created by the artist himself, typical of the artist. Paintings produced by him are usually presented in a complimentary frame which in all cases are works of art in themselves.

George Elbakidze (b. 1961 in Georgia, Russia), began his creative career in the 1970s. He started as a sculptor and eventually emerged as an artist assuming a post-modernist style. George’s paintings are executed with confidence and bravura. His paintings are well-considered and precise, created in the tradition of the great old Masters, which gives his works a timeless monumentality. For Elbakidze, it is important to observe and render all his subjects in the greatest detail, yet created in his own style which is something of a mixture of Renaissance, Gothic, Symbolism and Modernism.

Dimensions: 47″H x 42 W x 5″ W