Louis XVI Style Clock with Bacchante


Louis XVI style clock with Bacchante and musical satyrs. The body of the clock features two young satyrs in gilded bronze each holding twin horns; they lean back against the shaped white marble clock plinth supporting the white enamel dial. Atop the dial is a gilded figure depicting a classically draped young maiden symbolizing Bacchante; who leans back holding a cup above her head in her left hand.

The clock base of white Carrara marble is richly decorated with gilded bronze around the front and sides; the whole on four toupie feet. The original clock movement has a steel suspension system and rings the hours and halves on a bell. The 18th century model is referenced on page 222 and Page 224 of “Les Plus Belles Pendules Francaises, De Louis XIV a l’Empire” (“The most Beautiful French Clocks”) written by Giacomo et Aurelie Wannesnes and published by Polistampa in 2013.  France circa 1880.

Clock Dimensions: 21″H (53cm) x 20″W (53cm) x 6″D (15cm)

Ref. Cl CG3548