Late 18 Century Oil Painting of The Violinist after Raphael/Sebastiano Del Piombo


This fine late 18thC copy of the Violinist by Raphael, (the original painted circa 1520 depicts a young man with shoulder length hair with his hat/cap on looking over his right shoulder at the artist. He wears a green coat with a fur collar. In one hand he holds his violin bow with some attached leaves. The painting is presented richly carved gessoed rococo gilt period wood frame.

The original painting was formerly in the Sciarra Collection in Rome and has been long regarded as a portrait by Raphael as indicated on a plaque at the bottom of the frame. Modern scholars are unanimous in rejecting this attribution, with the majority of them giving the painting to Sebastiano del Piombo. The identity of the sitter remains unknown

Dimensions: 28″W x 32″H x 4.5″D ; Canvas alone 28″H x 21″D

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