The Sunflower Goddess by Peter Aspell


Peter Aspell (1918-2004) is a pioneer of the Canadian West Coast art scene. In 1947, his work was selected by Lauren Harris to represent the country at the World Youth Festival in Prague. Renowned for his highly sensitive explorations of the human subconscious, Aspell was deeply influenced by the primitivism of modern masters such as Modigliani, Derain and Picasso. In this painting called the Sunflower Goddess, the artist tis trying to engage the viewer in a dynamic narrative layered in rich tones of green and orange. The symbolism he employs evokes mythical ancient ritual and resonates with the viewers innermost, subconscious self. Throughout his career, Peter Aspell has created original mythologies deeply concerned with the fate of humankind.
Born in 1918 in Saanich B.C., Peter Aspell’s first solo show took place at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1958. Later the artist has held a number of solo and group shows across North America. His legacy now stands in several public and private collections such as the National Gallery Canada, Vancouver Art Gallery, Kelowna Art Gallery, the Carlos Monteverde Collection in London, Stern Collection in Chicago and O.J. Firestone Collection in Ottawa.

Dimensions: 12″W x 12″D x 11″H