Giovanni Zennaro Portrait


This original oil painting on canvas depicts a beautiful young girl standing in a landscape. She wears a pink dress with flowers in her hair and she holds a large floral bouquet as well.

Giovanni Zennaro was born in Venice in 1846 and studied under Polmenti, Eugenio De Biaas and Michelangelo Grigotelli. He is recorded to have exhibited two paintings titled “La Fuga di Bianca Capello” (the flight of Bianca Capello), and “La Zingara” (the gypsy) in Vienna and another painting titled ” Burrasca dall Alba” (Tempest at Dawn) in Verona. Besides being an artist he was a highly regarded restorer and there are archival records in Italy on his work on canvasses by renowned old masters including Veronese, Titian, Tiepolo and Palma di Vecchio.

Dimensions: 38″H (98cm) x 32″W (82cm)

REF: RD MS3449