French Empire Skeleton Clock


A classic two dimensional French Empire skeleton clock, the finely chased and mercury gilded case depicts Amour holding a flaming torch and a banner, symbol of war, seated on a quiver full of arrows and set on top of the dial and movement.  The dial is framed by two vestal virgins each holding a garland of flowers.  Under the dial is another vestal virgin holding an anchor by its rope in one hand and with the other hand she is offering a thirsty Amour a goblet of water.  The entire assembly is mounted on a black marble base supported by gilded bronze feet.  The while enamel dial shows the hours in Roman numerals and is signed “Chopin a Paris”.

Dimensions: 20″H (50cm) x 15″W (37cm) x 4″D (11cm)

Ref. DR CH4066

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