Franklin Mint – The Royal Geographical Society, Tripod World Globe Circa 1993


A rare standing globe manufactured by the Franklin Mint, to a designed as was issued by the Royal Geographic Society. The globe is mounted on a tripod mahogany base accented by gilt bronze mounts.

The globe is in relief and revolves around its own axis. It bears the stamps of the Royal Geographic Society 1830 and that it was made in the USA.

It is dated around 1993 for two main reasons. One is the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa is still shown as Zaire on the globe. Zaire was renamed the DROC in 1997. Another clue is that the the break up of the Soviet Union which occurred around 1991/92 as all post Soviet nations such as Ukraine and Russia along with Belarus the Baltic states , Georgia etc are shown on the globe.

Dimensions: 40″H X 16″ Diameter