Exceptional 17th Century Flemish Verdure Mythological Tapestry


A spectacular Flemish 17 century combined verdure and mythological handwoven wool tapestry in a simple palette of beige, green, brown and blue, framed with a complete floral border and its original protective burlap backing .Combining romanticism, classicism and Baroque artistry, this tapestry is a quintessential example of this highly evolved art form that flourished in Dutch-influenced Flanders throughout the 17th century. The exact mythological event represented by the tapestry is unfortunately not known and I urge viewers and readers of this write up who may recognize the scene to please contact us with the information, for which we would be greatly appreciative. The scene depicted by the tapestry revolves around three life-size classically draped figures with the leading protagonist consisting of a plumed helmeted and uniformed high ranking Roman official in the foreground taking up the entire left hand side of the tapestry. The official is holding the hand of a young woman and is pointing in the direction of a partially visible masted galleon suggesting a departure or a sea faring journey of some sort. In contrast the right side of the tapestry is populated by a crowd of similar classically draped figures in a distant perspective set against a medieval townscape. The crowd appears to be participating in some sort of farewell ceremony.

Dimensions: 128″ H x 155″ W

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