Empire Bronze Seated Caesar Clock


A French Empire gilt bronze clock showing a caesar (resembling Napoleon), seated on a classical throne. He is slightly leaning to one side as he is in the process of burning a document in a brazier set on the floor on the left side of the throne. A wine pitcher is set on the floor on the other side perhaps intended to help the emperor in executing the deed.

The whole scene sits on top of a gilt bronze plinth decorated with ormolu mounts holding the dial and the clock movement. The base with a frieze showing the same seated Emperor facing a seated Senator in discussion or debate; likely regrading the contents of the document and its subsequent destruction by burning. The clock sits on four helmeted lion’s paw feet. The original silk string suspension movement rings the hours and halves on a bell. French circa 1815.

Dimensions: 16″ (41 cm) H x 12″ (31 cm) W x 6″ (15 cm) D

Re. SC FE3556

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