Allegory to the Earth’s Source of Water


A gilt bronze French Empire clock depicting an allegory to the earth’s water source. In this clock a classically draped nymph sits atop a rocky outcrop her right foot resting on the water. To the right of the rocky clock plinth is a large jar with water flowing from it. The large ornament on the front of the case shows a winged putto, his arms outstretched feeding two swans. The original silk string suspension movement has likely been changed to a steel spring suspension movement later in the 19th century. An identical model of this clock forms part of the Spanish Royal Clock Collection as referenced on page 371 of the “Catalogo de Relojes del Patrimonio National” issued by J Ramon Colon De Carvajal and Published by the Editorial Patrimonio Nacional Madrid in 1987.

Dimensions: 24″ (51 cm) H x 17″ (43 cm) W x 6″ (15 cm) D

Ref. JG BM2098