Early 20th Century Chinese Carved Green (Jadeite) Quartz Lamp


A Chinese carved stone lamp mounted on a brass and a carved rosewood base. The carved stone is often referred to as Jadeite or Quartz but is in fact from the fluorite family. This lamp base was carved in China and exported to the United States through the early to mid-20th century for wiring and transformation into a lamp. Most of the better examples of these lamps (like this one), are hollow and have a small light on the inside of the urn that can be lit up on its own or together with the normal top lighting. The top of the urn is removable to allow dissipation of heat from the interior light bulb as well as to allow the light bulb to be changed.

Dimensions: 30″ H x 7″ W x 4″ D

Quartz Urn and Base Alone 16.5″ H

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