Charles X Sienna Marble Clock and Garniture

A large Charles X period French clock and matching candlesticks.  The architectural style case made of Sienna marble has a patinated bronze gallery and lower bronze stylized moulding to the stepped lower marble base.  A bronze bust of Homer sits on top of the clock.  The dial is surrounded with decorative wreaths and palmettes, the original movement has a silk-string suspension system ringing a bell on the hours and halfs.  The matching candlesticks have a central marble shaft attached to a patinated scrolling tripod base; the columns support five scrolling candle arms and a central shaft; French circa 1825.

Dimensions of the Clock: 27″H (69cm) x 12″W (30cm) x 7″D (18cm)  Candlestick height 24″ (61cm)

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