Rare Chamberlains Worcester 1798 “Disce Pati” Admiral Duncan Plate


An extremely rare late 18 Century Admiral Duncan Chamberlains Worcester porcelain plate, the centre with an armorial crest of a ship in full sail beneath the banner ‘Disce Pati” within a wide spiral border of salmon pink stripes and gilt foliage sprays. There is some age related rubbing of the gilding but the plate is otherwise in great condition with no visible cracks chips or repairs.

“Disce Pati” in Latin meaning “Learn to Suffer” is the motto and title of the Duncan Clan featuring a a ship under sail. The title was awarded to Admiral Adam Duncan, 1731 – 1804) a British admiral who defeated the Dutch fleet off Camperdown on 11 October 1797. This victory is considered one of the most significant actions in naval history.

Duncan is one of the oldest known names in Scotland, and found its origins as a first name before being adopted by a clan. It is believed that the clans of Duncan and Robertson can trace their origins to the same source, namely the ancient Earls of Atholl. Historically the Duncans are found most often in the east of Scotland, particularly around Fife, Angus and Perthshire.

Dimensions: 8.5″ Diameter