Marble statue of Napoleon on Horseback after the painting by Jacques Louis David


A rare late 19th century marble statue of Napoleon on horseback crossing the Alps (also known as Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass or Bonaparte Crossing the Alps) after the famous 1801 painting by Jacques Louis David now displayed in the Louvre in Paris. Initially commissioned by the King of Spain, the composition shows a strongly idealized view of the real crossing that Napoleon and his army made across the Alps through the Great St. Bernard Pass in May 1800.

Although it is clearly the work of a master craftsman, the marble is not signed and is shown on a mahogany plinth. There is some evidence of early repairs to the Napoleon’s raised hand and one of the horse’s front legs.

Dimensions of Statue: 38.5″H (98cm) x 31″W (79cm) x 12″D (30cm)