Bronze Statue of a Mounted Crusader in Combat with a Saracen After T. Gechter


A dramatic patinated bronze statue depicting a mounted crusader on his rearing horse ready to strike a mortal blow to a fallen Saracen lying beneath him on a rocky landscape. In a desperate attempt to defend himself the Saracen is shown thrusting his sword into the chest of the the crusader’s horse. The bronze grouping is mounted on a green scagllola painted marble base with gilt bronze trim.

While the bronze is not signed it had to be cast after a hugely famous bronze very similar statue by Jean-François-Théodore Gechter (1795, Paris – 1844, Paris) titled “The Combat of Charles Martel and Abderame, King of the Saracens” which was commissioned by the French ministry of commerce and industry in 1833.

Dimensions: 20″W x 17.5″H x 7″D