Boxed French Roman Missal, Notebook and Coins/Rosary Purse Set Dated 1878


This is 19th century boxed French Religious set containing a Missal called Paroissien Romain, a note pad and a purse used for coins or rosary beads presented in its original leather bound gilt edged box. The set is dated 1878. The presentation box is lined with tufted white satin.

The set was retailed by Casset, 39 Rue de la Republique Lyon France and was published by Laplace Sanchez et Cie of 3, Rue Segurier Paris France. This issal has 635 pages includes Prayers, Psalms and Hymns. There are four black and white tissue guarded plates introducing the parts of the Missal dedicated to Ordinary Mass, Christmas Midnight Mass, the Annunciation and r the Marriage Mass. All pages are edged in gilt and each is framed by figural engravings similar to illuminated manuscripts.

The Missal, the Notepad and the Purse are finished in Morrocan Burgundy Leather lined inside by burgundy moire silk and each item is openable through intricately designed silver clasps.

While the box containing the set has scuff marks and signs of age, the Missal and the other two items in the set are in mint condition and do not actually appear to have been ever used. It is also very rare that the set has remained intact.