Art Nouveau Bronze Statue of a lightly draped Nude Woman by Sylvain Norga


A patinated bronze statue of a lightly draped standing nude woman with her arms behind her head fingers run through her hair in a the manner of Rodin by Belgian Sculptor Sylvain Norga. The statue is set on an octagonal stepped two tone brescia marble base. There are no foundry marks but the casting was in all likelihood made by a family owned foundry in the sculptor’s native Belgium

Sylvain Norga (1892-1968) was a sculptor who enjoyed great commercial success because his bronzes were affordable and varied. One finds in his earlier work reliefs sculpted in bronze, representing the heads of Christ (often with a tear in the corner of the eye), crosses, crowns, palm branches, vases and religious scenes, as well as emblems and symbols like the “marital handshake”. In 1935 he moved to Juan-les-Pins in the south of France where this work was likely created as it is not typical of most of his earlier work.

Dimensions: 39″ H x 9″ W x 9″ D