Art Deco Style Mid-Century Jacob Palmtag Desk Clock


Beautiful Art Deco style mid century clock -made in the 50’s by the famous German maker Palmtag factory.

The clock movement and dial are set in the middle of a stylized sheet of black glass. This vertical clock glass is set on a curved sheet of clear cut curbed green glass supported by four brass ball feet. On either end of the base there are two tubular frosted glass electric lights. Emanating from each light are curved clear green glass etched with dolphin like fish. When the lights are turned on from a push switch on the black glass at one end behind the right hand light the etched fish seem to glow an effect that would be striking in a darkened room environment such as a night table. The clock has a prominent Jakob Palmtag stamp etched on the back of the movement.

It is important to mention that his clock is on a 220/110v/50 Hz European Cycle. The timepiece will work in Asia and Australasia but for North America It would require a transformer 220V/50Hz – 110V/60Hz for clock to work. Lights will work fine.

Jakob Palmtag started making clocks in the year 1875 and nearly lasted a full century. In 1970, this German factory closed shop. Palmtag made some of the most fantastic clocks. Usually they used a combination of natural wood, copper or brass and thick, sometimes etched glass. The most beautiful examples were made between the 1920’s and 60’s such as this model. They are rare and were copied by other makers a great deal.

Dimensions: 17″L x 5″H x 5″D