A Pair of Patinated Bronze 19 Century Neo-Classical Winged Figural Male Statues


A complimentary pair of finely cast and rare standing Greco-Roman patinated bronze statues. Both male figures are winged and classically draped. They are surprisingly unsigned.

One of the figures is looking down and is holding a laurel branch across one shoulder, the other hand holding and partly leaning on a sword with its tip on the ground for support. Set behind the figure and resting on his legs is a round
embossed shield. On the ground next to his feet lies a male bust and an artist’s palette.

The second figure is glancing sideways and in one hand holds a pole with a feathered base while the other hand is behind him holding on to to the top of a large triangular embossed shield with its pointed end resting on the ground. At the base of the figure there is an entire suit of Roman or Greek armor.

Dimensions: 20″H x 7″ Diameter base