A Large Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Charger Depicting the Gods Fu Lu and Shou


A very large and impressive blue and white Chinese Porcelain Charger of the Republican Period depicting 福 禄 寿 the Taoist Concept for Good Fortune (Fu), Good/stable income (Lu) and a long life (Shou), a common theme in decorative art especially during the Qing Dynasty. In this plate there is also the concept of Xi or happiness depicted by children.

This concept is thought to date back to the Ming Dynasty, when the Fu Star, Lu Star and Shou Star were considered to be personified deities of these attributes respectively. The term is commonly used in Chinese culture to denote the three attributes of a good life. Statues of these three gods are found in nearly every Chinese home and many Chinese-owned shops on small altars with a glass of water, an orange or other auspicious offerings, especially during the Chinese New Year.

When placed in order, the figures are usually seen from right to left, with Fu on the right holding a grandchild, Lu in the middle, and Shou on the left.

The plate is in mint condition and has no marks as to the manufacturer.

Dimensions: 31″ Diameter 4″ High