Louis XIV Cartel Clock and Bracket

A rare Louis XIV cartel clock and bracket in boulle, ebony and ormolu by Antoine Gaudron, Paris, circa 1695. The case is surmounted by baby Jupiter sitting on an eagle with outstretched wings who in turn sits atop the world. Around the top are four flaming torches one on each corner. The clock carcass is surmounted by four classical campana urns filled with flowers; above four full length classically draped caryatids representing Mercury and Neptune also standing on eagles. The large dial has inset porcelain plaques showing roman numerals; below the dial is a decorative gilt bronze element with a central plaque with the signature Gaudron Paris.

The movement has a two week duration, with rectangular plates joined by five vase-shaped back-pinned pillars, verge escapement with silk suspension; the back plate also signed Gaudron a Paris.

About the Maker:

Antoine Gaudron was born circa 1640. He was received as a Master clockmaker at St.Germain-des-Prés between 1660 and 1665 and then in Paris on 5th June 1675. Gaudron was established in the Place Dauphin by 1698 and served as a member of the Jurande between 1690 and 1692. He died in Paris in August 1714. The signature Gaudron à Paris appeared as early as 1660 on clock movements but little is known today about this clockmaker. His works were both admired by colleagues and collected by the French nobility. In 1698, Gaudron brought his two sons into his business. The firm then traded not only in clocks but also in precious stones, paintings, mirrors, porcelain, bronze, and jewels.

Gaudron was one of the first Parisian makers to use the newly invented long pendulum in his clocks. He also invented some interesting clock movements with both simple and complicated astronomical indications. Some of the most fashionable ébénistes of the period, including André-Charles Boulle, supplied elaborate clock cases for Gaudron’s movements.

Dimensions: Clock  37″ ( 94 cm ) H x 17″ ( 43 cm ) W x 8″ ( 20 cm ) D

Bracket : 19″ ( 49 cm ) H x 22″ ( 56 cm ) W x 9 ” ( 23 cm ) D

Total Dimensions :  56″ ( 134 cm ) H x 21″ ( 52 cm ) W x  10.5″ ( 27 cm ) D

Ref. BC GD10853

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