Meissen-Inspired Porcelain Depicting a Musical Trio


A well modeled porcelain piece depicting an 18th-century social musical event in white glazed porcelain. The work looks similar to 18th & 19th-century pieces by the Meissen porcelain works in Germany. The blue underglaze marking on this piece is very similar to that of the Aelteste Volkstedter pottery which is the oldest manufacturer in Thuringia that is still in operation.

The name “Dresden” is often used for the fact that most of these figurines were made in Dresden, Germany. During the late 19th-century until World War Two, there were a number of potteries and more than 200 decorating studios operating in Dresden, producing decorative china and figurines in the style of the world famous Meissen company, located not far away. This piece would likely date from the second quarter of the 19thC.

Dimensions : 18″H (51cm) x 20″W (46cm) x 14″D (36cm)

Ref. PR GM1008

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