Louis XV Style Gilt Bronze Cartel Clock the dial signed Raingo Freres


A fine gilded bronze French cartel (wall clock) in the Louis XV rococo style. A Chinese figure sits atop the clock case holding an umbrella aloft, a young child to one side of her, a seated dog on the other. Rocaille work, shells, flowers, sun’s rays adorn the sides and bottom of the clock case. Below the dial is framed a stag appearing to leap out of the woods. The 6.5″ white enamel dial shows Roman numeral hours, Arabic minutes, and features finely cast pierced hands. The steel-spring suspension system rings the hours and halfs on a bell. The dial and back plate of the movement are signed Raingo Freres a Paris, one of the leading clock makers in late 19thC France. His clock movements are only found in cases of the highest quality. French circa 1880.

The 18thC original is referenced on Page 101 of “Les Plus Belles Pendules Francaises, De Louis XIV a l’Empire ”  (“The Most Beautiful French Clocks”) written by GIacomo et Aurelie Wannesnes and published by Polistampa in 2013.

Dimensions: 28″H (71cm) x 15″W (38cm) x 5″D (13cm)

Ref. ST CT4088