Johannes Holst “The Windjammer Pisacua in Rough Seas”


A classic marine painting oil on canvas showing a four masted windjammer named Pisacua in rough seas, by the acclaimed German Marine artist Johannes Holst, (1880-1965). The painting is signed Joh’s Holst and is dated 1958. The canvas relined, set in a simple gilded wood frame.

Johannes Holst, born in Hamburg in 1880, initially started his career as a decorative painter studying with Heinrich Paul Lüdders. Ludders also worked as a marine artist and it was this sideline part of the business that captured Holst’s interest in marine art. In 1903 he joined a gallery in Hamburg as a marine artist. At first the young Holst painted fishing boats but after taking many voyages with his father who was a skipper, he started painting sailing ships and steamers on the high seas. He soon acquired an enviable reputation for highly realistic paintings of sailing ships in varying weather conditions in open mostly stormy ocean. Such was his popularity of this genre of art, that he spent practically his entire life tasked by many shipowners to paint their ships. Portraits of sailing ships, for the shipping company F. Laeisz in Hamburg et al., Holst died in Hamburg at the age of 84.

Dimensions: 43″W (110cm) x 31″H (79cm)

Ref: JH MT7899

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