Hebe and the Eagle of Jupiter by Emile Louis Picault


A mythological theme statue in dark brown patinated bronze by the late 19 century French Sculptor Emile Louis Picault depicting a classically draped Hebe, the Greek Goddess of Youth sitting on the back and between the wings of an eagle riding a cloud. The eagle is a mythological representation of her father Jupiter.

The whole is supported on a combined semi-spherical and square base featuring a scroll that reads in French with “Des Mysterieuses Profondeurs elle apporte a l’homme l’etincelle divine.” meaning ” From Mysterious Depths she brings a Divine Spark to Mankind.” Signature to base E. Picault, foundry mark Jollet Paris present near signature.

Émile Louis Picault was a prolific French sculptor known for his bronzes depicting allegorical and mythological scenes such as this one. Born in 1833 in Paris, France he studied under the painter Henri Royer. The sculptor produced around 500 statues and exhibited regularly at the Paris Salon between 1863 and 1914. Picault died in 1915 in Paris, France.


Dimensions: Marble Base 8.5″ x 8″