The German Steamship Cap Trafalgar


A small oil painting on board signed Wagener of the steam ship Cap Trafalgar which was sunk off Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean on the 14 September 1914. At the outbreak of World War I, the Cap Trafalgar was interned in Buenos Aires. Argentina stayed neutral throughout the war because it didn’t see the war as directly affecting its interests and the Cap Trafalgar was therefore free to leave. As it was not equipped for war, the ship sailed to Trinidad to meet the German gun boat Eber which was used to retrofit the Cap Trafalgar with guns. After an unsuccessful two week raid in the South Atlantic, the ship returned to the island to resupply, but was surprised by the British auxiliary cruiser Carmania . Being much better armed than the German ship, the Cap Trafalgar was sunk in a battle that merely lasted an hour. The painting is set in a lacquered black wooden period frame.

Dimensions: 12.5″W (32cm) by 10″H (25cm)