Gabriele Smargiassi Southern Italian Landscape


Neopolitan School, 19th century oil on canvas landscape centred around a huge tree and pastoral scene depicting two figures with pair of horned goats near an expansive lake surrounded by tall mountain peaks amid the dawning of a new day.  Signed G Smargiassi for Gabriele Smargiassi on the right hand bottom of the canvas.

Gabriele Smargiassi (1798–1882) was an Italian landscape painter and leader of the Neapolitan Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, Italy. Born in Chieti Abruzzo in 1798 Gabriele was predisposed to become a priest like his uncle, but an artistic talent was recognized early, and at age 19 was sent to train in Naples under the tutorship of Giuseppe Cammarano, He then for seven years with Anton Sminck then traveled to Rome, and trained under the Dutch artist Antonie Sminck Pitloo ( When Pitloo died in 1837, Smargiassi returned to Naples to fill the chair of Professor of Landscape painting for the Academy of Arts in Naples. In Naples, he was patronized by the Count of Aquila, Giacinto Gigante and tutored Francesco Mancini, Alfonso Simonetti, and Raimondo Scoppa all famous 19 Century Neapolitan artists in their own right.

Dimensions:  36″ (92 cm) H x 31.5″ ( 80 cm ) W

Ref. AO GS1568