Empire Trumeau Mirror with Painting of Bellisarius after J.L David


A late French Empire overmantle (trumeau) mirror; the top and vmuch larger section featuring a copy of a 1781 painting by J.L David titled “Bellisarius Begging for Alms”. The mirror and painting are presented in a gilded wood empire frame.Thevpianing has been relined with a new canvas.

The subject is an old, blind poor seated Bellisarius who was a former famous and courageous general of the eastern Roman army one arm outstretched begging for alms from a classically draped woman. With his other arm Bellisarius is holding a child standing between his legs who has his hands outstretched holding an urn for the alms.

The original paining buy Dabid which has a little more figural details is hanging in the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille, France

Dimensions: 34.5″W (88cm) x 61″H (155cm)

Ref. BL CL2497