Clio or L’Etude Empire Clock

A period French Empire gilt and patinated bronze clock with a figure representing Clio, the Greek Muse of History and Literature.  Clio was responsible for transmitting her wisdom of history into the minds of the human race.  The main subject of the clock revolves around the theme of time itself, as symbolized by the snake bezel and as personified by Father Time.  The latter, shown on the pillar under under the dial, appears to be warded off by Night who can also be compared to Astronomy with her compass and the globe.  The standing female figure is an allegory to Study or L’Etude  but could also be identified with Clio, Muse of History and Literature, who was often shown with a book in her hand.  The personification of History was portrayed as a winged female in white robes who writes in a book or tablet as seen on either side of the lantern in the bas relief facing the base.  A similar model of this timepiece is held in the Royal Collection in Belgium, and a near identical model is displayed in the Grand Trianon at Versailles.

Dimensions: 24″H  (61cm) x 18″W (46cm) x 8″ D (20cm)

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