French Barometer and Desk Clock


A rare and unusual French barometer desk clock and calendar, the case in gilded brass and bronze. The circular base rests on four ball feet and contains a manually rotated hand painted drum showing the signs of the zodiac. The base supports gilded clouds holding three additional dials. The two side dials show a barometer on the left, the right hand dial shows the day, date and month of the year; all manually adjusted. The top globe of the world is painted in midnight blue and is inset with gilded stars. It houses the clock dial with Arabic numerals; the movement is an eight day steel suspension system ringing the hours and halves on a bell. It is likely that the clock was made in France for the Spanish market; as the names of the days and months are all written in Spanish.

Dimensions: 17″H (43cm) x 8″W (20cm) x 7″D (18cm)

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