The Penitent Mary Magdalene by Louis Courtat

A large oil on canvas showing a nude Mary Magdalene in a cave  flying prostrate on a rock in penance.  The painting is by  Louis Courtat in the sfumato style of his contemporary  Jean Jacques Henner. Monogram signature and date 1889 at the bottom right hand corner of the canvas. In a period gilded wood frame.

As is often the situation with successful yet unheralded artists, little information is available on Courtat’s background.  It is known that he studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and that  he had a special fascination for painting reclining nude women such as this painting. He felt that this painting is important enough that he  submitted it  to the Paris Salon of 1889.  The No 650 assigned to the painting is still posted on the top bar of the frame.

Dimensions:  of canvas:  45″ ( 114 cm ) H  x 60″ ( 152 cm ) W

Ref. LC DR6211