Empire Turquin Marble and Gilt bronze Portico Clock Stamped Lesieur


A classical rendition of the traditional portico (temple) clock made out of a grey marble that the French refer to as Turquin Bleu. The white enamel dial and movement with it’s large gilded engine turned bezel, (6.75″D), is supported by the two front columns; all four columns decorated with gilt bronze bases and capitals. A large circular pendulum bob swings between the columns; the dial is signed by two leading clock specialists; at the top Choiselat Gallien, (the clock maker) and below Lesieur H.A. Paris, Fab. de Bronzes du Garde Meuble, (fabricator of bronzes for the royal inventory). The movement is also signed Lesieur. The clock rings the hours and halfs on a bell. French circa 1820.

Dimensions: 20″H (51cm) x 11.5″W (29cm) x 6″D (15cm)