Portrait by Edouard Louis Dubufe


A beautifully executed oil painting of an aristocratic lady likely painted in the 1850-60’s by Edouard Louis Dubufe,(Paris 31 March 1819 – 11 August 1883 Versailles).  The youngest child of the famous Claude-Marie-Paul Dubufe who studied under David, Edouard under his father’s tutorship, struck out in the same vein of genre as a his father, the painting of portraits.  So did an older sibling named Guillaume, who like his brother Edouard had a successful career in portraiture. While not acclaimed as his father, Edouard was sought after by aristocratic and bourgeoise Parisian society of the late 19 Century to paint their portraits. This particular painting is a classic example of Edouard’s work. The painting  is set in a period French Empire carved and gilded wood frame.

A comprehensive  biographical and pictorial rendition of the life and art of the entire Dubufe Family along with names of aristocrats and bourgeoisie that the artists  were commissioned to paint, is supremely well encapsulated in book titled Claude-Marie, Edouard et Guillaume Dubufe, ” Portraits D’Un Siegle d’Elegance Parisienne ” published by the Delegation a l’Action Artistique de la Ville de Paris.  Guillaume referred to in this publication  was the son of Edouard who in turn became a portrait painter like his father and grandfather. This book will accompany the sale of this painting.

Dimensions: 45″ ( 114 cm ) H x 38″ ( 97 cm ) H

Ref. DB FE3025

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