Contemporary Russian ‘Botticelli’ style Oil


In the words of the artist, “A creative painting is a story with a fantasy as a background. This fantasy of colours, symbols, light and darkness, good and evil, is there to be interpreted by the observer.”

George Elbakidze (b. 1961) began his creative career in the 1970s. He started as a sculptor and eventually emerged as an oil painting artist in the style of port-modernism. George’s paintings are executed with confidence and bravura. His paintings are well-considered and precise, created in the tradition of the great old Masters, which gives his works a timeless monumentality. For Elbakidze, it is important to observe and render all his subjects in the greatest detail. The pictures are painted in the tradition of the great old Masters, and yet created in his own style which is something of a mixture of Renaissance, Gothic, Symbolism and Modernism. This particular painting most resembles the work of Boticelli. Painted in 1997.

The gilded carved wood Renaissance style frame with panels of faux rouge marble blue lapis lazuli is totally the work of the talented Mr. Elbakidze.

Dimensions: 50″H (127cm) x 35″W (89cm)

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