Collection of Rare Coalport China


Impressive partial dessert service by Coalport in the full blown Regency style circa 1805, forty three pieces (see additional photos); some restorations and early wear, decoration attributed to Baxter; a near similar service in Buckingham Palace referred to as the Order of the Garter Service; an almost identical plate shown in the reference book English Porcelain by Geoffrey Godison;

The South Kensington Museum authorities confirm that this particular service was used when the Prince Regent at the time ( the future George IV ) visited Sir John Hay Alderston. The horned goat’s crest at the centre of the service is that of the Alderston Hays.The Regency in Great Britain was a period when King George III was deemed unfit to rule and his son ruled as his proxy as Prince Regent.

The Regency is noted for its elegance and achievements in the fine arts and architecture. This era encompassed a time of great social, political, and economic change. War was waged with Napoleon and on other fronts, affecting commerce both at home and internationally as well as politics. Despite the bloodshed and warfare the Regency was also a period of great refinement and cultural achievement, shaping and altering the societal structure of Britain as a whole.
18 Round Plates 9.5″ Diameter
2 large oval platters 18″L x 13.25″W
2 Oval plates 12.25″L x 9.25″W
2 Small Oval lates 8.25″L x 9.25″W
1 Oval Plate 10.5″L x 8″W
1 Oval Dish with poited cntre 11.25″L x 7.5″W
1 Quarter Plate 5.5″ sides 4″ W Round Inner 11″W Outer side
1 Quarter Plate 6″ sides 5″W round Inner and 13.5″W Outer
3 Round Plates 8.25″ Diameter
2 rectangular serving dishes with lids 9.75″l x 8.25″W x 6.5″ H One lid repaired
2 small tureens octagonal with lids 7.75″L x 4″W x 5.75″H
1 covered octagonal dish 8″L x 6.25_W x 5.5″H
1 fruit cooler 11.25″ H 7.75″ Diameter Cooer alone 6.5″ H fruit container 8.25″D x 3″Deep

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