Bronzed Terracotta of Two Chinese Gentlemen by Ernest Patris


A terracotta bust featuring two Chinese men, one elderly sporting a long beard and wearing a warm expression seemingly dispensing sage advice to a younger man with eyes closed taking it all in. The bust has a greenish patina finish intended to simulate bronze. The whole is set on top of a black marble base. Signed E. Patris at the back of the bust.  Belgium circa 1946.

Ernest Patris (1909 – 1981) was a Belgian  expressionist painter, ceramist and sculptor of busts, portraits, heads, figures and monuments. Originally working as a cartoonist and modeler, he began working with clay as a hobby.  He then enrolled at the Gilly Vocational School to learn how to work with bronze and at the Ghent Academy to study anatomy.  Encouraged and mentored by James Ensor, an important Belgian expressionist and surrealist painter of the time, the young Patris devoted himself entirely to sculpture.  Later on in life, he established a ceramic workshop, then started a bronze foundry, after which he  operated a gallery and continued to do public commissions until his death in 1981

Dimensions: 18″H (46cm) x 10″W (25cm) x 5″D (13cm)

Ref: EP RP0568