Bronze “La Fortune” by Augustin Edme Moreau-Vauthier


In this rendition by Moreau-Vauthier, Fortuna is depicted as a classically draped maiden holding aloft a cornucopia in one hand, and a ship’s rudder held close to her side in the other hand. The goddess with flowing windswept robes is raised on a pinwheel which in turn is set on a half globe. The cornucopia is where plenty flows from, the ship’s rudder steers fate, the globe symbolizes chance while the wheel symbolizes that luck, good or bad, never lasts.

Augustin Edme Moreau-Vauthier, (French, 1831-1893) exhibited La Fortune also referred to as L’Abondance, at the Paris Salon of 1878. the bronze has a gold patina, is signed with the foundry mark on the verso F. Barbedienne on the left side of base. Moreau Vauthier debuted in the Paris salon of 1857 with an ivory sculpture. Early in his career he simply signed Moreau but in 1865, he started working in bronze and signed his work with a hyphenated Moreau-Vauthier to distinguish himself from other sculptors who carried the Moreau signature such as Mathurin, Hippolyte and others who later became equally if not more successful.

Dimensions: 32″H (86cm); 8″ (19cm) square base

Ref: BH FL7888