“Boys Playing Dice” After Murillo


A well executed 19 century small oil painting on copper in a period gilt frame of one of Bartolomeo Estaban Murillo’s ( 1670- 1675) paintings titled “Boys Playing Dice” hanging in the Alte Pinakothek in Munich Germany.

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo was the most popular Baroque religious painter of 17th-century Spain, noted for paintings like Immaculate Conception (1652). While Murillo is best known for his religious art, he also showed his talent in a series of painting that the artist painted showing wretched and impoverished boys  young boys and girls wearing tattered, old clothing. For the most part, the composition follows a pattern: two or three figures are involved in an idle pastime, such as playing games or eating bread, fruit, or sweet confections. In the background there are vaguely defined ruins and one or two notional landscape motifs, all bathed in soft light and enveloped in hazy clouds. Unsigned.

Dimensions: 13″ ( 33 cm ) x 15 ” ( 38 cm ) W

Ref. TC MR0559