Black and Rouge Marble Clock with Multiple Complications


A large and impressive Napoleon III mantle clock of pyramidal shape, the case made of black Belgium marble and red French griotte marble.  The movement runs many complications including sweep second hand, moon phase, day, week and month calendars, (Patents and London exhibition medals for 1849 and 1851); temperature compensated pendulum; the Farhenheit and Celcius thermometers with Paris patents for 1838, are wonderfully calibrated for such temperature markers as ‘freezing rivers; ordinary bath water; room of a sick person; fever’ etc.  The clock is French but the movement is stamped for a retailer in Ireland.  The movement rings a metal gong on the hours and halfs.

Dimensions:  21″ W (54cm) x 18 1/4″ H (46cm) x 6 1/2″ D (17cm)

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