Belle Epoque Bronze by Emile PICAULT (1833-1915) VOX PROGRESSI


Emile Louis PICAULT (1833-1915) VOX PROGRESSI . A rare and important bronze statue featuring a classically draped winged maiden sitting on a tree trunk one hand aloft and the other holding a tablet bearing the latin inscription “Vox Progressi” which loosely translates to voice of progress. Standing in front of the winged maiden on the base is a partially draped classical male figure with an intense distant gaze leaning over to one side holding a shepherd’s staff. . On the base between his feet there is another latin inscription that says “Ambula Ambula Semper ad lumen” which means (walk always walk towards the light). The statue is signed by the sculptor’s trademark E. Picault and carries a Salon des Beaux-Arts stamp.

Émile Louis Picault (24 August 1833 – 1915) was a French sculptor, best known for works depicting allegorical and patriotic subjects, and mythological heroes often accompanied by Latin Inscriptions as this one. He began to show his artwork at the Salon Des Beaux Arts in Paris in 1863. He signed the majority of his work as “E. Picault”.

Dimensions: 38 inches high 13 inches wide and 9 inches deep