The Toilet of Psyche by Adolphe Lalyre


A classic full length nude depicting Psyche in the process of entering the water drawn from a spring to take a bath painted by the the Belle Epoque Fench artist Adolphe La Lyre, (1848-1935)  also known as Lalire and Lalyre. In a period gilt wood frame.

After his early training in the Bouguereau class at the Paris Art Academy, La Lalyre got the big break in 1875 when he was admitted to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris which opened the doors to for him to exhibit his works in the prestigious Salon des Artists Francais, where in fact he did every year from 1876 to 1929.  Heavily influenced by his contemporary Jean Jacques Henner, noted for his use of sfumato (refers to the technique of oil painting which colours or tones are blended in such a subtle manner that they melt into one another without perceptible transitions, lines or edges ) in painting nudes and religious subjects, Lalyre started producing religious art with paintings of St Cecile, St Genevieve and St Clothilde among his recorded works.

Half way through his career and caught in the swirl of  the Romantic Movement of the late 19thC, he began painting life size nudes of sirens, mermaids, nymphs singly or in groups frolicking in the waves or in mythological themed scenes such as this particular painting of Psyche.  In fact this is the genre of art that the artist is known for, so much so that in Parisian art circles of the time he was referred to as the Sirens painter.

At the turn of the 20 century with Symbolism and Art Nouveau taking center stage in the Art world,  Lalyre shifted stylistic gears again and while continuing to paint female nudes, the  classical form of his earlier nudes was replaced by “Rubenesque” types of nudes generally characterized by very ample behinds. Towards the end of his life Lalyre painted some airports and even dabbled in landscapes but this work does not really register on the artists biographical profile.

Dimensions: 78″ ( 198 cm ) H x 58″ ( 147 cm ) W

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